Collection: Float OS™ Smart Features


iPad with Smart App: Explore the world with ease using Apple's iPad. Its sleek design combined with powerful performance makes it ideal for work, play, and everything in between.

Smart Hub: Simplify and centralize your connectivity with the Smart Hub. A necessity for modern tech setups, ensuring seamless harmony among all your devices.

Smart Switch / Relay: Take charge of your devices' efficiency with our Smart Switch/Relay. Engineered for effortless device management, it seamlessly integrates into any tech ecosystem.

(F20: Float Pod Purchased after 2020 / F10: Float Pod Purchased before 2020)

Temp Smart Sensor: Stay updated with the Smart Sensor: Temp. Monitor ambient temperatures accurately and reliably for optimal environment management. (1/3)

Leak Smart Sensor: Safeguard your investments with the Smart Sensor: Leak. Receive instant notifications at the first sign of a leak, providing you with peace of mind. (2/3)

Lid Smart Sensor: Ensure security with the Smart Sensor: Lid. Designed to alert you when lids or access points are opened or tampered with. (3/3)