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Smart Filter System

Smart Filter System

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Sure, here is the revised text with all instances of "R.E.S.T. Monitoring" replaced by "Smart Monitoring":


**Smart Filter Systems - $7,499:**
Enhance your floating setup with the Smart Filter System, an avant-garde, free-standing filtration system. Seamlessly integrating with Float OS™ and Smart Monitoring, it optimizes water quality, temperature control, lighting, and sound settings, elevating your floating experience to unparalleled heights of serenity and purity. Key features include:

- Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrates with Float OS™ and Smart Monitoring for precise control over water quality, temperature, lighting, and sound settings.

**Float OS™:**
Embrace the future of float tank maintenance and monitoring with Float OS™. This state-of-the-art operating system optimizes the float tank experience, providing an effortless interface to manage water quality, temperature, lighting, and sound with intuitive precision. Key features include:

- Advanced Operating System: Streamlined interface to effortlessly manage water quality, temperature, lighting, and sound settings for a flawless floating experience.

**Purchase Price Includes:**
Float OS™: Elevate your experience with Float OS™, a comprehensive set including an iPad, Smart Hub, Smart Guide, and Smart Sensors - a sophisticated array for leak, temperature/humidity, and vibration monitoring, ensuring your utmost safety and satisfaction.

Experience a sense of ease with our comprehensive services, encompassing Legacy Affiliate Link, Shipping, Offloading, Moving, and Installation - all masterfully handled by a dedicated Float OS™ team member.

**Network and Coaching:**
Unlock exclusive benefits with Smart Retreat Access - a supportive network and coaching platform designed to enrich your floating journey, ensuring you reach the pinnacle of relaxation and well-being.

Immerse yourself in the Float OS™ Line - where luxury, innovation, and customization converge. Elevate your floating experience to unprecedented heights with our exceptional products and comprehensive offerings. Discover the transformative power of floating, redefining your sense of peace and well-being with the Float OS™ Line. Indulge in a world of tranquility and innovation - your journey to ultimate relaxation awaits.

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Included Features

Pro Pad: Discover the world at your fingertips with Apple's iPad. Sleek design meets powerful performance, perfect for work, play, and everything in between.

Pro Hub: Centralize and simplify with Pro Hub. A must-have for modern connectivity, ensuring all your devices work in harmony.

Pro Switch / Relay: Gain control and efficiency with our Pro Switch/Relay. Designed to make device management effortless, ensuring seamless integration into any tech ecosystem.

(F20: Float Pod Purchased after 2020 / F10: Float Pod Purchased before 2020)

Temp Pro Sensor: Stay informed with the Pro Sensor: Temp. Monitor ambient temperatures accurately and reliably for optimal environment management. (1/3)

Leak Pro Sensor: Protect your investments with the Pro Sensor: Leak. Instant notifications at the slightest hint of a leak, giving you peace of mind. (2/3)

Lid Pro Sensor: Monitor access with the Pro Sensor: Lid. Designed to alert you when lids or access points are opened or tampered with. (3/3)

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